Easter Dress

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

First off let me apologize for the photos. The ONLY ones that came into focus where ones that I was making a weird half smile in. Apparently the hubs was more concerned with the rain cloud moving in than taking good outfit photos!

Back to the outfit.

When I think of Easter attire, I think of bright colors. After all we are celebrating a glorious event.

The kiddos both got new clothes and shoes, and I completely forgot to go shopping for myself. So Easter morning I spent the good part of the morning trying on dresses trying to find something that halfway looked ok..

See ----- > My closet is FILLED with dresses/clothes from before I got pregnant with Adison, unfortunately 80% of the things in it DO NOT FIT.

A closet purge is coming soon.

Finally I decided on this dress that actually fit (to my surprise - I actually passed it up a couple of times thinking there is no way!) Well now I think I have a new "go to dress."

I aboslutely loved the bright pick color, the fit, and the style.

I can't wait to pair it with a black blazer for the office as well!

Dress - Dillards
Shoes - Loft

Thanks so much for reading!

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