Monday, February 8, 2016

Hi! Welcome to my blog Live Fearless & Eat Clean!

I am calling this my "accountability blog" because it is to hold me accountable to my goals! I want this to be a fun space where I can document my style and fitness journey along with a little sprinkling of my family and faith of course!

I also plan to document my journey as I learn to cook healthy + nutritious meals for my family. Cooking is not something that comes natural to me so it is definitely going to be an adventure. I am not a terrible cook, but I can't say my husband gets super excited when I say I want to try a new recipe either! 

I figured I would kick things off with an outfit post! This was this last picture I took before I cut my hair off (like 10 inches off!), but I really like this outfit so I wanted to post it anyways!

This is just typical of my everyday style using simple, yet classic pieces. 


Cardigan - Victoria's Secret
Pants - J Crew
Shoes - Jessica Simpson
Tank - Loft

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